There's no such thing as scrap wood....

A pallet doesn't have to be a pallet it also doesn't have to be scrap, or the next bonfire. 
It could be a planter, a bench, or a table... It could be a rocking chair or a jewelery box!!
Never short of ideas, and always with a list we'll never finish, visit our shop for a range of handcrafted items including, furniture, jewelery, small gifts and hopefully just what your looking for 👀. 
However if not please don't hesitate to send us a message, as we are happy to consider any custom projects, bespoke items or personalisation. (deposit will be required). 
We are based in Christchurch, on the UKs south coast an amazing place for inspiration and natural resources, larger items can be collected from here, or shipping arranged.
If your interested in the process and the making of our products please follow us on face book or Instagram @palletsnpaintuk